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    Hi Guys,

    Well done! Good job building this new site. A lot of good stuff on here already, some future ideas for further improvement:

    1) A “wiki” list of sails npm modules (module, supports 0.12 v 1.0 v both, isAlive?)

    2) A way of inviting/keeping a running discussion? per article? Yes, we can comment – but it is a little old-fashioned. Any way to tie into gitter?

    3) Perhaps add a feature to allow readers to suggest new topics to cover? add to a list and vote on them?

    4) Perhaps add a feature to allow readers to amend / add sections to existing articles (other than comments) to improve the article or to add more examples with the same topic?

    5) Too big images when viewing inside a “folder”. Maybe make the list more intuitive – ability to sort by popularity. Add a “Definitive guide to getting started with Sails…” 🙂

    6) The UI theme generally seems a little static, but I understand why. Time, money, etc… However to generate the vibrant community I wish it would spark, I think keeping it “fresh” is key.

    Well done guys! 🙂

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