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exception while using sails-ioredis

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    I was using sails version 1 which doesn’t support sails-ioredis adapter so I was forced to use version 0.12

    After switching to sails 0.12, I was able to use waterline orm for blueprint APIs with sails-ioredis adapter but I am not sure on how I can send custom queries from my controller. I used to use sails.getDatastore() when i was using sails-redis but with sails-ioredis I get following exception,

    error: Sending 500 (“Server Error”) response:
    TypeError: sails.getDatastore is not a function

    – I haven’t disabled any hooks (I have default .sailsrc file)
    – I haven’t disabled any globals

    I had to switch to sails-ioredis because sails-redis doesn’t support redis sentinel

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    I believe sails-hook-orm with v0.12 doesn’t have method to get db instance.

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