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Sails – Mongo ReplicaSet Configuration

In SailsJs, to configure replica set for MongoDB You can use MongoURI directly with all the details in your connnections.js file Below is the MongoURI format "mongodb://{replicaSet1}:{port},{replicaSet2}:{port},{replicaSetN}:{port}/{dbName}?replSet={replicaSetName}&readPreference=nearest&slaveOk=true"   The above URI then can be used in Sails config/connections.js as below mongoDB: { adapter: "sails-mongo", url: "mongodb://{replicaSet1}:{port},{replicaSet2}:{port},{replicaSetN}:{port}/{dbName}?replSet={replicaSetName}&readPreference=nearest&slaveOk=true" }