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SMTP Email Trigger

1. Creating SailsJs Project Follow the below tutorial for setting up SailsJs Setting up sails project 2. Installing Packages For creating jobs we need to install sails-hook-email package, this package is developed by Balderdash To install the package use the below command npm install sails-hook-email –save   3. Configuring SMTP . . . Read more


As almost all of the developers find it difficult to stop sails and run it again for any changes done in the code. Today we will use a npm package which provides auto reloading of sails whenever there is a change in the code. Let’s get started 1. Creating SailsJs . . . Read more

Callback to Promises

As we all know Sails works on Non-Blocking I/O and due to which callbacks are used. Callback is invoked on completion of the function block and returns the control back to the calling function. Callbacks are good for developers who are getting started with SailsJs, as it is easy to . . . Read more

File Logging with LogRotate

Sails comes with winston package preinstalled, which we will be using with some other packages in this tutorial to enable file logging in sails. Let’s get started 1. Creating Project Create a new SailsJs project. Follow this post on Setting up sails project 2. Logging directory Create a directory log . . . Read more

MongoDB and MySQL Configuration

1. Create new project You can follow this tutorial for setting up sails project Setting up Sails project 2. Installing Packages To use MySQL/MongoDB, first you need to install adapter for it Install sails-mongo adapter using npm. npm install sails-mongo –save   Install sails-mysql adapter using npm npm install sails-mysql . . . Read more

Setting Up Sails Project

1. Creating Project Create a new sails project using below command sails new sails-first-project   2. Configuring Database Configure your DB connections config/connections.js Sails supports, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL 3. Configuring Models Configure DB connection name in config/models.js Note: Use exact DB connection name as defined in config/connections.js Change migrate method . . . Read more